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Female Female - 52 years old, In the shadows of louisiana. , United States
Relationship Status: Married
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Love is a beautiful creation in this world. With love we can do anything. Love plays a very important role in our life. We love our family. We love our partners. And we love our friends. Love brings us close in life. Love is a very beautiful thing. With love we can overcome all difficulties. Love is the way of happiness. The only thing I have to offer is my love. My friendship. My advice. A hug. A smile. And a word of encouragement. I'm Happily married to the most wonderful man. I have a beautiful daughter who's my world. I'm very friendly. Warm. Loving. Kind. Caring. Sometimes i care a little too much. Funloving. Easy going. Easy to get along with. Understanding. Passionate. Compassionate. I love to see other's smile...Love sunsets. Beaches. Love the smell of fresh cut grass. I'm very open minded.  I love looking deep into the pools of the eyes. Eyes are the window to the soul... I enjoy playing texas holdem poker. Blackjack. Mississippi stud. Roulette. Some slots. Enjoy going to the movies. Dineing out. Museums. Festivals. Waterparks. Holding hands. I'm a softy. very sensitive. Sentimental. Not looking for a relationship. Here to make friends only. And have fun. Life's short. Share a smile. Reach out and touch a hand. If there's more you like to know. Feel free to ask. I don't bite. Lol Asking question's is a way of getting to know someone. How else will we know someone if we don't ask question's. chat smile

Life is like a mirror. If you give it a smile. You'll get one right back. chat smile Your soft brown eyes always caught me by surprise. I love you. You love me...This is how it's supposed to be. I am always so sorry. I can't say that enough. Cause it's always soo rough. I'll never let you go. Look into these eyes and say i love you soo. chat smile

If the sun stopped shinning I would still look at you. I try not too look at you. Yet I saw you like the sun. My days are brighter my sky’s a deeper blue. My nights are sweeter when I look at you. You are a beautiful woman. God bless your soul...Like a bird in a cage. It’s you I swoon. I love you. I’ll always love you. chat smilechat smile

When I see you. I cant' find words. When I'm alone. I think of all the possibilities. But when I talk to you. I'm speechless. I wish you knew. How much I love you. 

I feel your love more than i breathe. Forever i believe. chat smilechat smile 

The most wonderful places to be in. Someone's thoughts...Someone's prayers. And in someone's heart. chat smile chat smile 

Beautiful was her pen that wrote of love. Beautiful were words sprung forth above. Beautiful was the writer of such words. Beautiful was the value and the worth She wrote of love because she loved. She wrote her truth because she can. She wrote her needs. Desires and lusts...She wrote those words for just one. She reads her words and loves them so. She wants to tell her so much how she feels. She needs her words to soothe her. She cant but help. Her heart she steals. chat smile chat smile Byy me. 

If tomorrow starts without me and i'm not around to comfort you...Know that i love you. If tomorrow starts without me and you feel lost and blue. I hope all the words i've written see you through. chat smile

How will i ever mend this broken heart. My world has fallen apart. I long to see your smiling face. To feel your warm embrace. My heart loves only you. It just want let go. What will i do. ? How will i ever mend this broken heart without you. ? I loved you then. I love you still. And i always will. chat smilechat smile

Your voice makes everything alright...Your smile gets me through the night. chat smile chat smile