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2022-04-14 10:53:57 pm by SimonPontius in category RolePlay
    His "boys" aka slaves were aquired by matches he chose in the wrestling arena in Ar, he grinned when he made the bet with the Match Master, that he would wrestle the slaves of his choosing, if he won they were his to take, if he lost he would pay double the bet. Of course who could pass up such a ridiculous bet and the matches began, although said Master was angry and...
2022-04-10 12:32:32 am by SimonPontius in category RolePlay
    Time takes time to pass, a strange observation that, but none the less it rings true. Walking as quick as he can, knowing he was notified he was suppose to be home at a certain break in the day, he feels something pop him on the top of his head, he stops and fishes out a pebble and then another one replaces it. He looks up not realizing he was under one of the many tree houses...
2022-04-02 5:43:28 pm by Zainab_2661 in category General
daily news urdu Pakistan does not believe in camp politics, wants good relations with China, US, Army Chief wants relations with another country.  
2022-03-29 12:21:31 am by iedcookie in category General
Cookie Clicker is a fun incremental game in which you must click on a cookie. Cookie Clicker allows you to spend hours making cookies. Every click results in a cookie! Soon, you'll be able to trade the tasty, crispy goodness for tools and helpers to make even more cookies at the same time. Hire grandmas to assist you, grow cookies on a farm, and do a variety of other things. Cookie...
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2022-03-29 12:14:09 am by iedcookie in category Gaming
Single Line is a dot-to-dot puzzle game in which you must draw the shape in the image without crossing back on yourself. Hold the left mouse button to connect the dots. You can only draw a single line between each pair of dots, so plan your movements carefully because once you start drawing, you may get stuck and have to start over. This game is simple and addictive, try playing the...