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Current Mood: Angry
♬NeTTa♬ (Netta, M)
Female Female - 45 years old, Barstow, United States
sexort Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single, not dating
Updated: 2019-07-05 4:45:02 pm Viewed 14,779 times Likes 7

 I do not care about the color of your skin, your sexuality, your education, what your body looks like, or your economic situation, that is not what defines you, it's what is in your heart that does.

 Smilin_Bob11953 :  Netta Muffin Butt 

сʀᴧѕн : nettas my maple honey with a lil brown sugar chat smile

сʀᴧѕн : i like to lick the creamy centers of them


сʀᴧѕн : i chat smile Netta but dont tell her

Netta🎶 : ·Λ· : you have me all wrong herry

Destroyer/terminator of testicles,   destoryer of groins dom's name Great white dick hunter,
Snobbie_Mrs_A : Netta i perved your profile...and you didnt have anything in it lol




∻¤£ἐxìἐ¤∻ : and you believe that? Netta's a flirt zanny, she'll break your heart and hand it to you


♫Bunky♫ :  your lips move ,and i can't hear what you are saying


Flip81 : Youre a dick netta and im boss of dicks


Anon : dom is duff though

for lexie for later lol


·Ʌ· : krashur, i thingk netta iz med at us


If you are a player, liar asshole, keep walking because I am not one to talk to you.