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Current Mood: Blank
Male Male - 46 years old, StuckInTheMiddleWithU, Canada
sexort Sexual Orientation: Not your Business
Relationship Status: Single, not dating
Updated: 2019-11-10 3:03:08 am Viewed 3,830 times Likes 5

☯VillαɠҽGiɾL☮ : facials work for me chat smile

👢ξƈℓϊѕѕі👢 : Blow -45.5 demerits for not having me in your profile

ØŠРЯЁŶ gave blow +45.5 merits for NOT having me in there

💙ƝƛƬƖƔЄƁƖƬƇӇ💜 : my ass end was loaded chat smile

hotsmoothjosh2 : I skyped with Mario, my erection didn't go down for a week 

♥♥𝓡𝓲𝓮 : i want to come tooo

Villagegirl : your blowlessness chat smile

2RoundBυмρѕ4U™ : owes blow a vocaroo

joy~Qld : i wish i could blow  chat smile

✨JennaSaisQuoi✨ : you should watch a video phil , ... his fingering is amazing

✨JennaSaisQuoi✨ : id let mario eat my starbursts

☯ Vιƥεƨ™☯ : if Blow said he'd pinch his own nipples for a song, I'd play it for him

✿Ċħēгγł✿ : but not anal

Jаggεd : lotta blow's nights end like that .. " can't remember what happened but he was cuddly "

naughty gurl : Only BUM can turn farming into aa sexual escapade

Miura : blows profile got me knocked up

Ψ§мдcЖΩMє☠ : not u blow

Ψ§мдcЖΩMє☠ : ur a good guy

βǜɡɡ✿ : you're such a giver blow

EverBunni : I got lucky

♥Ĉħèŕŕŷ♥ : roses are red...violets are blue....blow takes a hike....with big bootie boo

ChangeIsGouda : youre just negative and combative, blow

  serapнim 奴 : I'm goof like that.

•ıĺanıtı• ŚǿĐ lol ty Denny...I need more than a line...I am now in need of a pope

♬♪♫~VivaVoce~♬♪♫ : lmao bloweys ... only a tad bizarre

Şâsĥå anal is quite enjoyable......just saying chat smile

✥ìlaƞìtì✥ SøÐ : what an odd place to keep a cock

༺❦Ꮗяatḫΐέ❦༻ : all of me is worn out Meat

Neттα : i know im not in blow's profile

-◄§uzy_§ez►- : i like soft too

meddler2900 : I prefer bareback, ask russ chat smile

2ɷbumpZ4u© k im looking forward to uninterupted sleep as as long as me and my clit agree

·Ʌ· : im easy

ƑOŌkƐƦ : God I hate agreeing with Blow

Ƴǜɱɱƴɭїᵖś : i like big ones

ares 奴 : Even women don't understand women Kelly.

SCORPIO…RUSS™ : I must not have had said anything interesting to get on Blowy Profile

ßøne : blow is horny

KørrüþtêФKåñÐý™ : you treat me as a whole. not a hole.

☩ĦĪŦMĀ₦☩ : oh so lsd and liquer asure fire way hitman is getting n some kind of trouble

£ùçífêr : thank god

Creamscones : do not whisper anything dirty to blow....he keeps quotes on his profile......lolololololololol


KørrüþtêФKåñÐý™ : I owe that dinosaur a bj.


MiKeY1982 : ok dont say i never offered


¡ffү™ : gah, Blow


☜_Nika_☞ : i like to blow ..

☜_Nika_☞ : ok i didnt say that


◦٭◦Plαÿƒũl◦٭◦ : women r so easily pleased chat smile

Saving this comment for Fooker next time I see him ....

²bümpZ4Ù© : fookers nose is longer than his pecker for all the bs he shares

Some Random comments:

♀♥♫dèLţà♫✿☮ : <


Just a few words used to describe me by others:

Monique™ : Blow aka BigCock

BohemianRose39 : your being adorkable, blow

ķίćќ : along with Goofus chat smile

♥ΡЈ♥ : awww Blow u are adorkable luv chat smile

●fiestýβสbỳ● : if i say your adorkable do i get to go in your profile too?

.... outside of this come talk to me, you'll find out who I am.


I like to breathe .... air preferably.

Favorite Quotes:

Shit Happens! Life is too short so move on (me ... I stole it)

Google is my friend chat smile (me ... I made it)