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2013-10-29 9:03:29 pm News
You can now look at the latest photos added to user albums. It will only list public albums so if you have any albums you only want friends to see you should make them private in the album management area. You can view the new page at http://www.buzzen.com/albums.shtml or access it from your Features drop down menu. More to come  
2013-10-24 5:01:27 am News
We are pleased to announce that we once again have user photo albums. This is a completely new system and there may be a bug or two. If you find one please let us know. We will continue to improve the system so you may see more options in the coming days and weeks. With the return of the user photo albums we have also revived the custom background image for your profiles. Please note that we...
2013-10-21 12:16:58 am News
We have added a chatroom search feature. You can find this feature by selecting "Search" from the Chatrooms drop down menu at the top of the page or by visiting the following url: http://www.buzzen.com/searchrooms.shtml This will allow you to find a room if you can not remember the whole name. Hope you enjoy the new feature and more coming soon
2013-10-08 7:55:29 pm News
It's been a rather hectic few days, as I'm sure everyone is well aware. We'd like to start this post by thanking you all extensively for your patience and loyalty throughout this; we have been working non-stop to ensure you all have a reliable, safe service back online. On October 3rd, one of our main servers was unfortunately compromised. The individuals responsible succesfully...
2013-09-11 8:53:22 am News
After a recent Windows Update IE 10 users are having issues with Unicode Characters in nicknames not displaying correctly. We have found this is directly releated to the Windows Update and are working to correct the problem. We suggest that users try alternative browsers such as Firefox or Chrome until the issue can be fixed.

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  • beachee: When I sign in, it says "Hello, beachee," but when I try to enter a room, a guest sign in pops up...
  • Sir_Shandy: like shingstar unable to see any of the chat room. I can enter the room but there is no indication...
  • VirgilHilts: I lost this account when Buzzen did it's site maintenance a while ago . Fortunately, it has...
  • ●ǝɹɐɯʇɥɓᴉN●: Not sure why this is happening to some. But try this from the chat page (when you enter the room...
  • §hininGŞŤaяя™: No! No rooms at all. I have seen a few people with the same issue. If they figure it out I hope...
  • romanticone: gosh you've got me, sorry. can you sign into any rooms at all?]
  • §hininGŞŤaяя™: Yes. Have cleared out my cache and files. Still nothing. I wrote to the help desk and they didn't...
  • romanticone: have you tried to sign out and then sign back in?
  • §hininGŞŤaяя™: I still cannot get into chat rooms. The only thing I haven't done is stand on my head.
  • §hininGŞŤaяя™: Maggie - I did as you said (twice) it did not work. Thank you for responding