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2016-08-23 6:47:41 pm News
We have had several complaints about our "Most Popular Rooms" list being filled with rooms using mostly fake fillers. The current policy is to list the rooms by amount of people but the room must be a BSR ( Buzzen Supported Room ). The Lobby being first as it's our only Buzzen Owned Room. Many of the most popular rooms now are using large amounts of fake fillers to get on the list...
2016-07-30 1:15:21 pm News
Room Properties dialog added for room superowners. The superowner can now control topic, onjoin message, owner/host key, room category and language selection per a dialog. You can also lock these properties so they can not be changed by other ops. To access this new feature just right click on the main chat window and choose Room Properties. Report any bugs or ideas as this is still in testing...
2016-07-13 2:28:39 pm News
We have added a likes system to the blog. ( other than typical social media likes ) You can now like a blog post and the blog owner will get a notification that you have liked their post. You can also view the people that have liked the blog post by clicking on the Views Count. More updates to come. As always if you have suggestions/ideas/problems please let us know
2016-07-06 10:21:17 am News
We are working on some upgrades to the Buzzen Blog system. We have tweaked the design some and we have added categories. Over the next few days we will be adding more support for the new category system. If you have any ideas/suggestions about the Buzzen Blog system please let us know.
2016-06-28 7:45:14 pm News
Buzzen now offers a 6 month BSR ( Buzzen Supported Room ) for a donation of $25 usd. This is not a limited time promotion. For more information about BSRs and donating please visit our donate page @ http://www.buzzen.com/donate.html

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  • beachee: When I sign in, it says "Hello, beachee," but when I try to enter a room, a guest sign in pops up...
  • Sir_Shandy: like shingstar unable to see any of the chat room. I can enter the room but there is no indication...
  • VirgilHilts: I lost this account when Buzzen did it's site maintenance a while ago . Fortunately, it has...
  • ●ǝɹɐɯʇɥɓᴉN●: Not sure why this is happening to some. But try this from the chat page (when you enter the room...
  • §hininGŞŤaяя™: No! No rooms at all. I have seen a few people with the same issue. If they figure it out I hope...
  • romanticone: gosh you've got me, sorry. can you sign into any rooms at all?]
  • §hininGŞŤaяя™: Yes. Have cleared out my cache and files. Still nothing. I wrote to the help desk and they didn't...
  • romanticone: have you tried to sign out and then sign back in?
  • §hininGŞŤaяя™: I still cannot get into chat rooms. The only thing I haven't done is stand on my head.
  • §hininGŞŤaяя™: Maggie - I did as you said (twice) it did not work. Thank you for responding