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ñoélånî~T~VML (*Samantha, *Lareau)
Female Female - 33 years old, *New Orleans, United States
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Bonjour, je m'appelle Samantha. Je suis né à Montréal, mais je vis maintenant dans la Nouvelle-Orléans avec ma tante M. Je suis un travaillais sur mon maîtrise en éducation et je veux enseigner le français à l'école secondaire un jour. (Hello, my name is Samantha. I was born in Montreal, but I now live in New Orleans with my aunt M. I am working on my Masters in Education and I want to teach French in high school one day.)

Je suis de 1,6 mètres de haut et j'ai les yeux bleus et cheveux blonds. Habituellement, quand je suis nerveux ou effrayé, je parle français, mais, je peux parler anglais aussi. (I am 5ft 3in tall and I have blue eyes and blond hair. Usually when I'm nervous or scared, I speak French, but I can speak English too.)


noelani, whose name means "precious one of Heaven", is the daughter of Hagr and Freda. she was born and raised in the northern city of Kassau, on the border of Torvaldsland in the far north of Gor. her family worships Odin (Father of the gods), Njoror (god of the sea, wind, fish, and wealth), and Ran (goddess of the sea), as well as the Priest-Kings. her Papa is a fisherman and her Mama is a cook. she has been trained in both of these skills and hopes to learn more to become a good kajira.

i am now a member of the Voltai Mountain Lodge and i am the property of Master Tyer of VML.

Master Tyer of VML has put His collar on me and put me in restricted yellow silks and i am not allowed to receive private messages or to be touched. my new sisters, dezra and hana, will be training me. Master Tyer says that slaves are valuable property and are NOT shared NOR freely used and that slaves actions are a reflection of their Owner's will, therefore, You CAN and WILL be refused service at ANY time. 

Because I wear yellow silks, my Master has given me the following restrictions:

i am restricted from being touched by any other Free or slave.

In serving other Men, my “flower”, which belongs to my Master, will be hidden from their eyes.

i may not be beaten by any.

i do not have to suffer to serve a fool nor hear their ill words nor bear their wrath.

i must obey my sister dezra as i would my Master.

my real life and all of its facets come before all else, even before my service to my Master.

my real world studies will be completed before my assignments which are given in my Gorean life.

my real life is my own and my Master denies me nothing that is within it for a girl has needs and she may tend them carefully.

my assignments in my Gorean life are due within three days of being given.

i may not whisper any free or slave without THEY ask my Master themselves.