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Eyecu...Regarding Relay Radio.

Started by naüghty gürl, March 24, 2022, 09:37:22 PM

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naüghty gürl

I have a suggestion/request: Is it possible to post a schedule that states the days and times that the radio will be "live" ?
And perhaps a list of DJs and what type of music they play?
Thank you,
naughty gurl. :D


There is a schedule on the homepage of relay radio on the right hand side for the schedule, far as what we play some dj's like my self dont have a set plan my music is alllll over the shop.

naüghty gürl

Thank you DjShocky,

After I posted this, Wes (the malcontent) informed me that there is a schedule on the "Relay Radio" page. I'd offer to spank him, but I suspect he might like it. lol


Thank you DJŠħockŸâ,,¢, was wondering the same thing.