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How to make a lightning protection enchantment for helmets

Started by maiko, March 25, 2022, 08:18:46 AM

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I'm attempting to make an enchantment where it disposes of lightning harm to the element that is utilizing the protective cap. Yet, the strategy that I made makes it so it needs to actually take a look at each and every substance assuming it is being struck by lightning. Subsequently, crashing the game/server by and large. In this way, I have taken a stab at making it so it checks it on player tick, and that doesn't work and it says it doesn't arrange as expected. Kindly answer soon.


Hi Maiko, hope you are doing good. Here, the best helmet enchantment you can try is to go for Protection. It is no doubt the finest enchantment for all armor in Minecraft, when it comes to protection. This enchantment has all of the best qualities of the other safety enchantments and has a maximum level of IV. As it is detailed protection that means that it safeguards from all kinds of damage that including lava, attacks, fire, and falling. Apart from that, it is less productive than the other enchantments, it deals with all of the protections at once because it is actually very helpful. In this regard, can be a great link to go forward to.