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Started by ♥Khajira♥, November 04, 2017, 05:35:53 PM

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Hello, l would like to register a thank you to all those who work on the help desk, for their time and efforts helping room owners such as myself.

lt is not an easy task to handle such a variety of complaints, but those working at help desk do so.

Thank you specially goes to Apache who came to my aid this morning, my complaint was dealt with efficiently and professionally.


Naughtygurl is absolutely correct, I appreciate that she also has a hand making Buzzen Chat a success Thank You NaughtyGurl for all your effort`s..But I still say she kick`s like a Gurl..


Hello. I have repeatedly found on this forum a lot of useful recommendations and information that was useful to me. I would like to thank each participant, especially for recommending a source with examples of many articles, I even found an example of Miss Hinch Summary there. I was already in despair and did not think that I could find something about it somewhere, but I was very pleased that I asked for help on this forum. Thanks to all.