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Problems loading rooms!

Started by Eyecu, November 08, 2017, 06:06:59 PM

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If you are having problems loading the rooms and you have ctrl +f5 and or cleared your temp files, we've had reports of ad blockers causing issues you could try disabling them for buzzen and see if you have any more issues.

We've also had a report of an extension for chrome called https everywhere causing problems connecting. This on could be do to the recent move of the main website to https.

Misty Blue

I have removed adblockplus on chrome. But still have problems. But if I logout and sign in again I do get to the room. Sometimes loosing my options... never know.

 All you have to do to get the room to load is hit refresh and it will  then load.  I mean it's not perfect but it's much faster and safer than removing adblock from your computer (Y)

No I have tried that Sweet and it's not letting me go into chat.  : (


You can use the old flash method to connect if you wish. Go to the Chatrooms list @

Locate the room you want to enter and then click the FlashChat Icon next to the facebook icon.


hello Error,
l too still have problems entering my room.  The first entry does not follow through with the log into my room, so l have to leave and re enter then the room loads down.

l have a mirc bot which l use in my own room only.  l was surprised to see that on the new format of buzzen you were able to close it down, l say surprise as it is password protected.  l was annoyed as it would not allow me into my room.  l finally got into the bot and opened it to reactivate it via tools.  Could you advise, are our passwords for bots available to buzzen readily.


There were no changes that affected bots ability to connect. No passwords were changed either.


Not able to  get in to  chat rooms . Can log in   but can not  get into  an actual room no  even using the flash chat way  not able to connect. Just keep getting this error "Could not connect, retrying again in few seconds."  Using Fire Fox Browser.  Is Buzzen down ???????


Chat server is down. As soon as we get some information we will pass it along.


I am also having this problem as well. So you are not alone in this. It started shortly after 2am I think.


Hope its fixed soon!!! I will do some retro gaming while I wait...  8)