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Open Minded, this is not a complaint.

Started by naüghty gürl, April 09, 2022, 10:32:57 PM

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naüghty gürl

Short story, which I will drag into infinity.

Today I entered chat and I was not doing well at all.
I said my hellos, and as I usually do when things are going to Hell in a hand basket, I said something completely outrageous.
It stops me from dwelling (some of you should try it) and it puts me in a different mindset (no, I am not avoiding what is going on, I am simply putting it aside for awhile)

Okay, so my short (long story).

There were about 50 chatters, maybe more, some chatters took my weird comment and ran with it, and it was hysterical!
Today was perhaps the craziest day I have spent in chat for as long as I remember, many chatters were joining in and making what was already bizarre a whole new level of strange.

I'm not going to mention any names, they know who they are, at least I hope they do.

So thank you, each of you, you are what makes a chat room a fun place to be, the laughter, the camaraderie and just being allowed to be yourself without judgement is a wonderful thing.

Sage advice, laughter doesn't solve your problems, but it sure helps.   

naüghty gürl

LOL! OMG, that  is funny, but it doesn't look anything like my juicer!


Naughty, I think you need to read this article,   I absolutely love when you are in chat!!!  Glad the "conversation" was helpful to you even if for just a little while.   

naüghty gürl

Tric, you are more warped than I thought possible, you may even have me beat. LOL!
That article, well, I have no words. lol.
I really think the world of you (in a non lesbionic way)
I love how we can roll with each other's craziness (you are of course, crazier than I am)
By the way, what do you think of crushing tin cans with our vaginas, I think there maybe a market for it, we could probably charge by the can size! :D
By the way, this article said "NO LEMONS" what does this GYN know about my vagina, he is after all only a GYN!


Uhmm... Cans might be just a bit too big, unless..... well anyway, I will not be trying that but you can tell us how that works.  I cherish you Naughty.


ng? i`ve suspected tricia was completely warped for some time ;)

naüghty gürl

Pen, I think she might have become warped while working with the demented circus monkeys as an animal trainer, fortunately she is now able to use those same skills, to chat. lol


remember to leave out milk and cookies for snoop dogg on 4/20 eve


Chatting with "ladies" like you two has warped me.  I was an Angel and oh so innocent.  Some of you get your freak on in chat and you worry me about how you conduct yourself in public.  Tsk Tsk.

Virgin Adjacent Wₑbbiₑ

Ummm Tricia, I have heard some of your were warped prior to interacting with NG and MissP ...and it happens to be one of your best qualities. :P