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My touchpad driver isn't working after the Windows 11 update

Started by Marley_5847, March 08, 2022, 12:37:32 PM

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FYI - I have a Lenovo Legion 5 (82au) With all the latest drivers installed as per windows update

I've recently updated my laptop to Windows 11 and I've noticed that my trackpad/touchpad isn't working anymore, tbh its been a few months since I've updated to Windows 11 but I waited for it to be publicly released...

When I had the Windows 10 it was working completely fine.
Also it isn't listed in my Device Manager ( not listed even in the Show Hidden Devices

Jo Baidyenyg novsh

My Windows Spotlight has quit working after I upgraded to the last Win10 upgrade.


Hello Marley_5847, to need to fix the touchpad not working after Windows 11 update, you can go for the solution of checking if the touchpad feature is enabled in settings or not. To make sure, you can click â€" Windows key and I. Now in the Settings application, tap the option ofâ€" Bluetooth & devices. Here chooseâ€" Touchpad that you will see in the right pane, so just turn on the toggle switch located below Touchpad. Try for now to find more solutions. You can also rest the touchpad if the previous method doesn't work for you. To reset it, click â€" Windows + I, now in the Settings application you can press â€" Bluetooth & devices. Just select â€" Touchpad and scroll down to the bottom in the right before you are about to tap â€" Reset. Then when the process of resetting completes, see if the issue is fixed.


If it still doesn't work, my next option if I were you would be to go back to windows 10. credit repair mcallen